Purpose of A2J Initiative

A2J Initiative exists to develop and promote access to justice in Myanmar. It also aims to help its members develop their skills and advance in their professional careers, through a wide range of activities that help enrich the discipline.



Its activities include, but are not limited to:
  1. Collaborating with and elevating member interests on A2J issues;
  2. Serving as a resource platform for A2J in Myanmar;
  3. Consulting, advising and educating the general public on issues relating to its purpose
  4. Hosting events;
  5. Producing reports.

Membership Criteria

  • Membership is not only reserved for individuals but also can apply membership on behalf of organization.
  • Must pay membership fees
  • At least one year experience on legal education, legal research and legal advocacy work

Membership Roles and Responsibilities

  • Members are expected to attend meetings and annual conference
  • Member terms shall be limited to one year and could be renewable an unlimited number of times.
  • Members may participate in the A2J initiative in several ways, including, but not limited to:
    1. Sharing relevant information with fellow members;
    2. Participating on sub-committees;
    3. Taking minutes;
    4. Providing social media support
  • Individuals may apply to become a Member by completing the required application. The Membership Sub-Committee is responsible for reviewing the application(s), presenting recommendations to the Group, and communicating with the applicants. Membership approval must be unanimous.
  • Membership renewal shall be automatic. Renewal may not be granted if:
    1. the Member has not met their Responsibilities
    2. the Member does not pay the Membership Cost by the due date; or,
    3. because of other circumstances leading to conflicts of interest.