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Policy recommendations and advocacy for institutional change and legal reform for better access to justice based on reliable, evidence-based research on access to justice issues.


A just society with equal access to justice for all people in Myanmar.

Strategic Goals

To become a sustainable, independent, platform with diverse membership that promotes access to justice in Myanmar. To build strategic partnerships for promoting access to justice among A2JI, civil society,....


A2JI will undertake high quality research that will support the development of policy recommendations, underpin its advocacy activities,....

Our Mission & Beliefs

About us

The Access to Justice Initiative is a civil society-led initiative designed to support the adoption of structural and policy changes that will strengthen access to justice in Myanmar.A coalition of more than 40 leading civil society organizations, A2JI launched in July 2015 to form a unified platform for constructive advocacy efforts as the country prepared for its first truly open election in decades. A2JI consists of three clusters – Research, Advocacy, and Monitoring & Oversight......

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